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I sew a little french bull dog.

Never quite clean.


had a little word a day//drawin a day thing at the start of the year to help me get back into being a rad bloke which i may keep on doing depending on how busy I get

I no longer wish to draw another bee in my life.

(These are drawn without looking at the screen, that’s why they are a little messy, but I like them that way).

Final pieces for my Sequential Illustration project.

Tumblr is being silly and doesn’t want to let me upload my animation, even though it is under 1MB. So it’s here if your interested.

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Hat hair is a very serious problem.

I don’t really know what I was doing with this.

I’m sorry I haven’t answered any asks in a while, I haven’t been doing too well. I’ll get around to it.

Did a thing.


baby buster

Finished my drawing of Matthew Gray Gubler ….

Quite easily my favourite person that I don’t know and will probably never meet.

Nearly done.

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I drew a Jensen.

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I have been feeling impatient lately, more impatient than usual, not having enough time to make art that I want to make. I have been drawing a lot, though, and it reflects in my sketches in a way that I am happy with. It is teaching me to work faster.

Latest commission.

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