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Finished my drawing of Matthew Gray Gubler ….

Quite easily my favourite person that I don’t know and will probably never meet.

Working on another drawing, hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow.

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This drawing is killing me. 

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Urrhhhhgg. I’m finished for tonight.

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A better picture of the deer drawings.

I went to the Natural History Museum yesterday, spent quite some time sat in the deer area. 

The pleasure of being in the museum only slightly made up for the being almost constantly uncomfortable with people looking over my shoulder to see what I was drawing and if it was any good.

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Finished the head, just the body left to do, which should be done in a couple of days.

I got my hair cut yesterday, my longish hair is gone, the ends of it were dead, I had to have about 4 inches cut off. It makes me sad. I miss it.

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One night I was tumblin’ and I saw this reference photo of The Dark Knight Rises. Not sure what got me to want to draw it, and then I remembered how epic the last one was. And I really liked the reference photo, especially because it was already in black and white. So I drew it.. lol. I haven’t seen the movie yeeeet, BUT I BET IT’S GOING TO BE EEEPIIICCC!! 

This is so freaking good.

Sorry I haven’t been posting the last few days, a friend came down and visited, then I was just being lazy over the weekend, so I’ve just taken crappy pictures of what I’ve done. After posting today’s photo that should bring me up to date with my drawing a day thing. :)

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Start of he next deer sketch.

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My drawing from yesterday.

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A little bit more of the deer.

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Guy Denning.


Waltz of the Hands (2010)