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I got the most beautiful book in the post today! The art of The Avengers. I’m so freaking excited to have a proper look at it, I only managed to have a quick flick through this morning before I left to go vist my friend at uni. I don’t get back until Friday, so I’m going to have to wait quite a while. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. From what I saw it is absolutely beautiful … It’s avengers and art, how could it not be? Also I have no idea why my hands look like talon things in the first picture.

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Yeah this is the one I tried out on photoshop, I think I prefer it on its own, but I liked the quote :)

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"The unspoken truth of humanity is you crave subjugation… You were made to be ruled."

So I’ve done the first page of my new Moleskine … well it is only half a page, it still counts.

You should all know who this is, if not, shame on you, go and watch the Avengers. Now.

The writing on the left is some of Loki’s quotes from the film, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put writing at the top of the drawing. I decided against it, but I tried it in photoshop, I’ll post it in a little bit.

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I have so much uni work to do. I don’t know why I felt this was more important.

I’ve seen Avengers Assemble 3 times now, I would quite happily go and see it again.

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