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I sew a little french bull dog.

Never quite clean.


had a little word a day//drawin a day thing at the start of the year to help me get back into being a rad bloke which i may keep on doing depending on how busy I get

                                              January 1st 2014.   

Last year has been the first to ever really go in my favour, I didn’t manage all I set out to do in 2013, but I feel I’ve achieved quite a lot.

- I’ve started socialising a lot more; I’m less scared of people,

- I’ve lost over a quarter of my body weight,

- I’ve been working at a high 2:1 / low 1st at uni.

                                             Goals for this year

- Post to my tumblr more often.

- Try and finish second year with a first.

- Learn Illustrator and InDesign.

- Make and illustrate a book.

- Get a illustration relevant internship at some point over summer.

- Work my way up to running 20k without stopping.

We have to make a website for one of our units at uni.

Am I a professional yet?

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I no longer wish to draw another bee in my life.

(These are drawn without looking at the screen, that’s why they are a little messy, but I like them that way).

Final pieces for my Sequential Illustration project.

Tumblr is being silly and doesn’t want to let me upload my animation, even though it is under 1MB. So it’s here if your interested.

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60 Frames in. 

Kill me now.

rozelleelizabeth said: how do you make a video using photoshop? may have a play around with my moon :) xx

Are you in uni tomorrow? I’ll be in the studio all day, I’ll show you if you want :)

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Done the face, now to draw about a million bees :/

Quickish experiments with Bee Beard animations.

Okay, I’m done with these hat gifs now. Sorry.

Hat hair is a very serious problem.

Hats are also really good for hiding from the amount of uni work you have to do.

Anonymous: wow! that gif is really cool! how did you do it?

Thank you very much. :)

I used the gif thing you can take of yourself on Tumblr, under the photo option. Then saved each frame, imported them into Photoshop, traced over them on a new layer then put them together again to make a GIF.

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